** Trail Reports **

Anytime you’re on groomed trails take care not to damage the trails. Walking, skiing, biking, snowshoeing & pets can all damage soft trails.   If your are leaving tracks more than an inch deep-stay off the groomed portion of the trails. Enjoy!

City Park TrailsSpooner WI

1.05.2023: City Park Ski Trails are freshly groomed with fresh tracks set.  It is beautiful – Enjoy!

Wild Cat – Spooner WI  (Wild Cat Website)

1.05.2023: Wildcat was groomed today.  We moved a lot of snow and with the cold coming it should firm up nicely. .

Trails took some beating while soft, so a reminder, if you routinely break through the surface, it’s not a good day to be on the trails!

Visit our Wild Cat Website (link above) for the latest conditions and updates.

Beaver Brook – Spooner WI

1.18.2023:  Beaver Brook Ski trails were groomed this morning. The base was saturated so the trail could become icy if temperatures drop. With the new snow coming in it will be re-groomed by Friday am. and that snow looks to be drier for better conditions.


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